Meet the future of stucco

U-STUCCO™ IS THE WORLD’s lightest ‘true’ one-coat stucco that is revolutionizing the stucco industry with its thermal, fire, water and acoustic insulation properties. It’s an ultra light-weight (1/7th weight of the conventional stucco) hydrophobic, high crack and corrosion resistant, UV reflective, ready-to-use powder-mix product. It provides fire resistance (2hr rated @1200°C/ 2192°F) as well as thermal (up to R 2.2 per inch), water and acoustic insulation (38 dB).

U-STUCCO’s simple one-coat application process greatly reduces time and labor expenses and renders traditional 3-coat application obsolete. U-STUCCO™ can be applied in a single pass of up to 1 inch to nearly any substrate, including plywood, OSB, gypsum, masonry, AAC, steel, foam and plastic substrates.

U-STUCCO™ is ideal for achieving superior energy efficiency. It can be used in conjunction with EPS, XPS, ICF or Fiberglass (Mineral Wool) to create wall assemblies with higher insulation R values and improved crack and water-resistance complying with California Title 24 code helping you build sustainable and energy efficient living spaces. U-STUCCO™ may also be used over wood or gypsum backing and as a scratch and brown coat application for traditional stucco systems.

U-STUCCO™ is 99% inorganic and contains 40% post-consumer recycled content making it a true green product. It is a Class 1 (A1) non-flammable material therefore it doesn’t burst into flame or emit any toxic gas when exposed to fire. It allows your building to breathe and prevents mold and mildew.